Master in Commodity Trading

A World-class Programme

Set up in collaboration with the University of Geneva (HEC), this Master is taught in English during an intensive 18-months academic course combined with part-time job position in a commodity trading and finance related company. The programme combines therefore the academic rigor of a Master level course with practical on-the-job experience.

The academic curriculum consists of 24 modules structured into three complementary sections: components of trading; commodity hedging and price risk; commodity finance and financial risk management.

Special attention is paid to the selection of the most renowned teachers and guest speakers. The aim is to provide students with the highest academic standards with the selection of faculties known for their knowledge in a particular domain. To complete the learning experience, professionals from the industry are invited to expose participants to practical considerations and examples. It is a powerful mix.

Introduction to Admissions

This Master is designed for motivated individuals who want to work in commodity trading and related businesses, such as trade finance banks, certification, insurance or shipping companies, as well as audit firms.

Given the unique nature of the programme, and its small class size, successful applicants must have: a good undergraduate degree from a university recognised as equivalent to the standard of the University of Geneva, the GMAT (Graduate Management Admissions Test) or the GRE and a part-time position in an entity active in commodity trading.

Practical Information

Classes are held weekly Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings at Uni Mail, University of Geneva. Occasionally modules will also be held on Thursday. The programme runs from September for three semesters plus a thesis.

18 months
academic course

24 modules
3 sections

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Graduation Ceremonies

29 November 2018
21 September 2017

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